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A charming version of the 'Babushka' tale, with lots of different roles to involve plenty of children. The show is very picturesque and the songs are delightful, with actions provided. Simple to produce and a real audience-pleaser!  

Babushka cleans her little house all day long to stop herself from noticing how lonely and sad she is. She’s so busy brushing away the spider, the mouse and the fly, that she fails to notice beautiful things going on around her: a new star shining in the sky, an angel hovering in her garden and an exciting message being spread by three mysterious kings.  In a dream, an angel sings to Babushka of a baby boy born in a manger. Horrified to think of this baby shivering in a dirty stable, she sets off with a basket full of presents and cleaning materials. On her journey she meets people in need, and by the time she reaches Bethlehem she has learnt a valuable lesson, as well as filling an empty place in her heart.

Author: Ruth Kenward

Age guide: 5 to 9

Running time: 25 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 7 + dance

This musical was inspired by Sandra Horn's picture book 'Babushka'. If you would like a copy of this book to help you introduce the story to the children easily, you may order copies via the order form below.

Babushka Storybook

"We've just completed two spectacular performances of Babushka with nearly 100 children and very little rehearsal time due to 'snow days'! Both parents and children thoroughly enjoyed the production, especially the catchy songs, and I will certainly be using Starshine Music again!"
~  J. Felton, Teacher, Essex.  

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