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A Way In A Manger

Set within a story from old English folklore, this musical is a simple explanation of the Christmas message, that Jesus was born in human form to show mankind the character of God. A refreshing new look at what lies at the heart of the Christmas story - something completely different.  It's Christmas Eve on Anna and Ben's farm. Grandma has told them that at midnight on Christmas Eve, animals kneel down in their stables all around the world. Will that happen in their stable?  

After Anna and Ben have gone to bed, the animals in the stable begin a conversation. Donkey tells the others that his great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather carried Mary on her journey to Bethlehem, where Jesus was born.  The animals are impressed, and begin to sing 'Away In A Manger'. As they sing, Donkey puzzles over the word 'away', which he has misunderstood. "What IS a way?" he asks. The others explain how baby Jesus grew up to show people 'a way' to live. Donkey is suitably impressed, and prouder than ever of his ancestor for helping carry such a special baby to his birthplace.  Late that night, just as the clock is striking twelve, Anna and Ben return the stable to find out if what their Grandma told them is true. To their amazement, they find Donkey - and all the other animals - kneeling by the manger!

Author: Caroline Kimber, Ruth Kenward

Age guide: 6 to 9

Running time: 25 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 7 + 1 dance

"Many, many thanks for this refreshing approach to the Nativity. It's one we shall long remember."
~ Dennis Halliwell, Sunday School Teacher, Ormskirk

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