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Tuishi Pamoja

A vibrant musical set in Africa, 'Tuishi Pamoja' (Swahili for 'we want to live together') has a great message about diversity and friendship, and creates a wonderfully uplifting and colourful spectacle as an end of year show. 

Are stripes really stupid? And is it true that you can't talk sense with animals that have spots? Important questions for young giraffe Raffi and Zea the zebra, whose herds, although they live side by side, consider each other worthless.  Giraffe and zebra children are not allowed to associate with each other but - when lions attack - Raffi and Zea are separated from their herds and find themselves thrown together.  At first they maintain their hostility towards each other, but with the help of some smart meerkats they learn to be friends.  When it's safe to return to their herds, they must ‘face the music’, and deal with with the prejudice of their parents.

Author: Martin Maria Schulte, Sandra Engelhardt (trans. Chris Richardson)

Age guide: 8 to 11

Running time: 35 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 8

"Last night's performance of Tuishi Pamoja went down a storm! The children loved preparing and performing the piece and poured all of their energy into learning their parts. The songs were easy to learn and fun to stage, and the story has a great message for all. Parents were full of compliments. What a great show!"  
-  Miss Bee, Head of Music, Hampton.

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