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The Keymaster

'History is BORING!' say the children - until suddenly their supply teacher transforms into 'The Keymaster', who holds the keys to history!  Going on a magical journey through time, they drop in on a 'big match' in 1066, discover gruesome medical practices in Tudor times and get caught up with 18th century smugglers, the industrial revolution, suffragettes and World War II.  The story concludes with a final key - the key to the future.  The children see for themselves that today is tomorrow's history, and that changes need to be made.

'The Keymaster' is extremely versatile: you can put on the whole show, or pick and mix scenes – or use the simplified narrated version that’s included on the CD.  ‘The Keymaster’ doubles as a songbook, with songs on historical themes suited to classroom singing and/or choir use. Music is known to be a great aid to the learning process, making this a very painless way for children to learn about key periods in British history!

Author: Nick Perrin, Ruth Kenward

Age guide: 8 to 12

Running time: 60 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 12

""As a school, we wanted to stage a production that was fun, exciting and above all gave opportunities for the children to learn. The Keymaster allowed us to enjoy all three. The songs were an instant hit with the children and the audience came away singing them as well! Our pupils were interested in exploring the characters and researching the scenes in order to learn more about history. A great way to get children engrossed in Music, History, Literacy and above all ...sustainability and environmental issues!"
~ M. Hood, Teacher.  

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