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The Gingerbread Man

The traditional story of The Gingerbread Man makes a very appealing mini-musical for Y2-4.  It's ideal as part of a literacy project or for World Book Day, but also - with its focus upon where food comes from - it makes a very suitable assembly presentation for Harvest time.

A little old woman makes a gingerbread man out of flour from the harvest. As it bakes, she hears a tiny voice coming from inside the oven, calling to be let out! As soon as the oven door opens, the gingerbread man jumps out and runs away. He is chased by the little old woman, her husband, a cow and a horse - but he keeps on running! He manages to escape from them all until he comes to a river, which he can’t cross. A cunning fox offers to carry him, but half way across the river he tosses the gingerbread man up into the air, catches him and gobbles him up. At this point all the others arrive, very disappointed that they didn't get a bite! Fortunately, there's plenty of flour left from the harvest to make more gingerbread men!

Author: Nick Perrin

Age guide: 6 to 9

Running time: 15 mins

No. of songs: 8

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