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A delightfully picturesque musical for all seasons, based on the the picture book 'Tattybogle' by Sandra Horn (available to order below), which features a lovable scarecrow.  Ideal for KS1 and/or lower KS2.  Includes simple choreography.

Tattybogle the scarecrow has a head full of straw and cheerful thoughts. The rain is his music, the birds and animals his friends and the wind is his dancing partner. Nothing gets him down; he loves everything – even the crows!  Then one day the Autumn wind is so strong that Tattybogle is blown to pieces. All that is left of him is an old stick, but he never loses hope.  His optimistic approach to life is rewarded, as Spring brings him a glorious new start: Tattybogle's stick takes root and and he becomes a tree!

Author: Ruth Kenward

Age guide: 5 to 8

Running time: 30 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 7 + 2 dances

"Tattybogle is super - the children love it! It's fabulous and very versatile. The songs have a great mixture - some moving and beautiful, others are fun and upbeat. Our school has been very pleased with 'Tattybogle'."  
-  A. Stockwell, Teacher, Northampton.  

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