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Harvest Hope

Entertaining and yet poignant, this simple 20-minute presentation contrasts our plentiful harvest with the plight of those in other parts of the world.  This very relevant short musical encourages children to see themselves as global citizens in an age-appropriate way.  The enhanced CD includes a slideshow presentation that may be used to powerful effect during your performance.  (A SCHOOL ASSEMBLY performing licence is included, but please apply below in the normal way if you plan to invite parents and members of the public.)

Jack and his friends are at the local Harvest Fair where Jack is unable to resist eating things from the Harvest Table!  Most of the children realise how lucky they are to have plenty, when others in the world are not so fortunate. By contrast, Jack is only interested in feeding himself and having fun. Eventually, after some persuading, his eyes are opened to recognise that they need to think about helping others to help themselves.

Author: Nick Perrin

Age guide: 7,8,9,10,11

Running time: 20 mins

No. of songs: 6 + folk dance

"Brilliant!  The children revelled in this entertaining and emotive presentatation. With catchy songs and simple folk dance 'Harvest Hope' provided everyone with much food for thought!"
-  S. Gough, Headteacher, E Sussex.  

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