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A Tale Of Two Birthdays

'A Tale Of Two Birthdays' is a show with lots of character (and plenty of characters!) that is very simple to produce. There are lots of opportunities for different children to shine, and the songs are exceptionally easy to teach, with lively actions provided.  There are even a couple of choreographed dances to try. Great fun!

Old King Casper is celebrating his birthday in fine style with his friends, King Melchior and King Balthazar. Their bossy wives admire an unusual star, sparkling like a diamond in the sky, and demand their husbands go and find it.  Trudging across the desert, the three kings resist temptations offered by Herod's unruly soldiers and encounter some sand dancers before reaching a starlit stable. Time to celebrate another birthday!

Author: Judy Lown

Age guide: 5 to 8

Running time: 25 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 8 (and 2 dances)

"Have just finished our final performance of a 'Tale of Two Birthdays', and just wanted to let you know that it was a huge hit with our parents and school friends. The children had such fun and enjoyed every minute of it. They even want the music played at our Christmas party rather than 'Now 59'!"
~  Jennie Maybury, Teacher, Somerset. 

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