Talk It Through (Assembly)

Talk It Through by Peter O'Hare - 7 to 11 yrs - KS2  (1m 59s)



Theme  -  Self-control, dealing with different points of view

Story  -  by John Kenward  (approx 9 mins)

It was a typical Monday afternoon playtime at Newtown School - organised chaos. Two parallel football matches were going on, weaving their games around the playground between everything else that was going on: chase, skipping or just wandering about. 

In the Year Five game, Billy was on fire! He’d already scored two goals and was racing up the playground to try and make it a hat trick. Unfortunately - at the same time - Joe from the Year Six game was also charging up the middle of the playground: in the opposite direction!  Both boys were equally desperate to score before the end of playtime, and neither saw the other one coming.

As you might have guessed, the two boys collided and fell in a heap. Fortunately neither was hurt, and both were up on their feet in no time, but instead of carrying on with their games of football, they squared up to each other.
‘Clumsy idiot!’ yelled Joe, right into Billy’s face.  ‘Can’t you look where you are going?’
‘Why don’t you look where you’re going!’  Billy shouted straight back.

Then they were pushing and shoving, their fists started to fly - and in seconds a full-blown fight was under way. Each punch that Joe gave Billy, he got one back. Each kick that Billy gave Joe, he got one back. By the time Miss Jennings came over to separate them, Billy’s eye was swelling, and Joe was bleeding from a loosened tooth. Miss Jennings marched them into the Head Teacher’s office. Mr. Whyman frowned at the boys. ‘So what’s all this about?’ he asked.


Song  -  by Peter O'Hare 

A funky song that deals with issues of self control and opposing points of view. Whatever the problem, it’s best to talk it through and find a solution. (Sample on the audio player above.)


Reflection Points  -  samples

1.  What led Billy and Joe to be angry enough to get into a fight?  

2.  Was either of them more to blame than the other?

3.  What did the boys gain by talking things over?


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