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The Moon Thieves

This quirky tale of hope is set against a colourful backdrop of woodland creatures, market traders, bullying hens and tangoing rats!  A picturesque and humorous show for this age group, with endearing characters.  (Based on the picture story book 'The Moon Thieves' by Sandra Horn.)

Four endearing characters - a Boy, his Gran, their Cat and their Rat - live in a little round house in the woods. Although poor they're happy most of the time, but each has a secret longing, a wish for something that can never come true, so instead they wish for something smaller; a silver coin, a silk pillow, a dish of cream and a big round cheese.  Returning home after the market fair, the four see a round white moon in the sky. They each think they've found the answers to their wishes! They stretch as high as they can to reach the moon, but of course they can't. Next they see the moon's reflection in a pond and the silly things try to fish it out! Realising their mistake, they go home disappointed. Back at the little round house - mysteriously - they find the answers to all their little wishes lying on the doorstep! Some things in life can't be explained, but can give us hope.

Author: Ruth Kenward

Age guide: 6 to 9

Running time: 30 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 9 + 2 dances

"The performance of 'The Moon Thieves' in Loughborough was wonderful: one of the best productions we can remember and it had a powerful effect on our audience of parents. The charm of the story and Ruth's clever songs made it a memorable occasion."
~ P Easton, Teacher, Loughborough.  

Click here to listen to the complete songs on our 'Starshine singers' YouTube channel!

Moon Thieves Storybook

Copies of 'The Moon Thieves' illustrated storybook (by Sandra Horn) may be ordered below.

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