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Move It!

At the heart of this innovative streetdance musical for KS2-3 is the story of one boy's journey out of angry isolation into acceptance and reconciliation. 'Move It!' is totally current, but explores timeless themes: cruelty and kindness, success and failure, commitment and new beginnings. A dynamic, unforgettable experience for all involved. This stunning show offers something completely fresh and empowering for young people to perform.

Two dance crews, Hypnotiks and Blaze, are competing for a place in a regional contest. The story centres on angry outsider Sam, who - after a major row with his overbearing sister Nicole - is drawn into 'Hypnotiks' as an understudy, putting him in direct competition with Nicole, who is the leader of Blaze!  For the first time in his life, Sam finds acceptance and affirmation, but still has to learn to be a team player - despite heavy provocation from his sister. Sam manages to rise above Nicole's taunts to take on a key role in the fund-raising efforts for 'Hypnotiks' new T-shirts. Not only does he keep a lid on his resentment, it's also Sam who steps up to save the day when disaster strikes for Nicole and her group at the dance contest!

This show has proved to be a huge success even in schools where there is no dance specialist or track record of including a dance element in shows. Using the dance cards (included in the Hard Copy Director's Pack, or available separately) it's easy to put together dance routines, which can be created by a complete novice - and even by the children themselves! The dance cards illustrate 32 street dance moves. Also available at no extra cost (via the FREEBIES tab under the 'Look Inside' section) are choreography sheets for the main dances.

Author: Richard Neil & Ruth Kenward

Age guide: 8 to 12+

Running time: 55 mins - perf. licence required

No. of songs: 9 + dances

"A fantastic mix of singing dancing and drama – and an excellent learning experience for the children. We have no dance specialist, so all the dances were done using the dance cards. Even children who have lacked in confidence have been singing and dancing like crazy. Parents, staff and other children were blown away by the show!" 
~ R Hussain, Teacher, Aberdeen.  

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