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    Panto Pandemonium

    A hilarious battle between good and evil that all takes place in Pantoland, to a soundtrack of fantastic music in a wide variety of styles.  Your children will absolutely love putting on 'Panto Pandemonium' - and it's even been known for school staff to put the show on themselves! There's an array of traditional panto characters (Jack, the Giant, Aladdin, Cinderella, Ugly Sisters, Seven Dwarfs and even a Pantomime Cow) and plenty of booing, hissing and 'behind you' for everyone to enjoy. All in all, 'Panto Pandemonium' is great fun for audience and performers alike. 

    It's complete pandemonium in Pantoland!  Aladdin's lamp, Cinderella's slipper and the goose that lays the golden eggs have all been stolen - and none of the Good Fairy's magic is working.  There can only be one culprit: the Wicked Witch!

    Four children are drawn into the action, magically transported into Pantoland to search for the missing magic objects and return them to the Good Fairy.  Unless they succeed, there will be no more happy endings, and the evil Witch will rule the world!

    "I wanted to write to say what a wonderful production 'Panto Pandemonium' was. The staff, children and audience all enjoyed it immensely. All the children loved learning the songs as well. Many parents have spoken to me and said it was one of the best shows they have seen. Well done on such a brilliant show!"  ~  Kim Bingham, Junior School Music Coordinator, Peterborough.

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    Author: Roger Parsley Ruth Kenward
    Age guide: 8 to 12
    Running time: 55 mins - perf. licence required
    No. of songs: 12
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    Send us your review

    If you enjoyed putting on this show, please email us a simple review to info@starshine.co.uk

    Absolutely fabulous!

    Review by Mrs. Lewthwaite - Teacher, Isle Of man
    Absolutely fabulous. Best Christmas show we have ever done!

    Thorougly enjoyable - highly recommended!

    Review by Sheila Featherstone - Office manager, Northumberland
    Our whole school community thoroughly enjoyed rehearsing and performing Panto Pandemonium. Year 6 played the leading roles, including 2 footballers (ugly sisters!)who brought the house down, with Yrs 3,4 & 5 supporting with some superb dance numbers. The production was pitched at the right level and parents were full of praise for the children's high level performance and the entertaining show. I highly recommend this show for schools.

    Resounding success!

    Review by Lucy Usher - Teacher, South Africa
    We have just finished our Junior Primary production of “Panto Pandemonium” at Cordwalles Prep (Pietermaritzburg, South Africa) and it was a resounding success! Thank you for a wonderful script, awesome music and a collection of divine characters. We had loads of fun rehearsing and performing the play and have received rave reviews. Some of the scenes had people laughing till their sides split. The boys (yes, ALL boys!) did a superb job of developing their characters and they sang beautifully. As a result, there were several mums dabbing their eyes in the audience. Some memorable characters were the Wicked Witch (who, at the age of 9, was outstanding!); Moo and Tail were played by twins; the ugly sisters were hysterical – and perfectly cast; the children were dressed in our school uniform and we added in quite a few school jokes; our Good Fairy is the South African U10 Motor X champion and made his second entrance on a motorbike! There were lots of other characters worth mentioning, but I would run out of time…I am SO proud of my boys!I look forward to performing another of your plays in the future.

    Great Show

    Review by Jan - Teacher, New Zealand
    Panto pandemonium is a great show, and we have really enjoyed it and the kids love it. Great music and written with the right language for primary schools.

    Went Brilliantly.

    Review by Tracey Clarke - Deputy Head Teacher, Cornwall
    'Panto Pandemonium' went brilliantly - we all had a ball. I'd recommend it very highly to any school. It's very easy to produce and great fun to perform in (I know - I did both!!). We had lots of feedback from staff and parents who thought it was the best thing we'd done.

    Brilliant Show!

    Review byKim Bingham - Junior School Music Coordinator - Peterborough
    I wanted to write to say what a wonderful production 'Panto Pandemonium' was. The staff, children and audience all enjoyed it immensely. All the children loved learning the songs as well. Many parents have spoken to me and said it was one of the best shows they have seen. Well done on such a brilliant show!

    Great Production!

    Review by Mark Townsend - Teacher, Southampton
    What a great production! It is so refreshing to find something so different and inspiring. The variety of songs from upbeat to ballad, the humour provided by the script and songs, the range of scripted characters combined with the structure of the whole show is making our production so engaging for all the children and staff involved.


    Review by Naomi Kenyon -drama And Teaching Assistant, Rochdale
    Our children loved the whole production and and came up with their own dance moves and costumes Parents commented that it was one of our best productions ever. It took us 8 weeks of rehersals to learn and after a few minor adjustments was ready to go at Xmas 2007. SUPERB!!! Thank you.

    Lots Of Fun!

    Review by Seye Idowu - Teacher, Middlesex
    'Panto Pandemonium' is entertainment in the true panto style. The kids loved it, the audience joined in and everyone had lots of fun!


    Review by Alice Barber
    We had so much fun that we are using the script for our Staff Panto on Friday!

    Thoroughly Enjoyable.

    Review by John Gratton & Sue Thornhill - Teachers, Lincs
    It was fun to do. It lent itself to staff participation. The songs were catchy. It was well paced. We all thoroughly enjoyed it! Thankyou!!

    Loved It!

    Review by Mrs V Chandler - Assistant Head Teacher, Manchester
    Audience participation was a real bonus - the children and parents loved it!

    Brought The House Down.

    Review by Mrs. Mosely - Teacher, Preston, Lancashire
    Excellent! Fantastic! This was the best show we have ever put on. The 'Ugly Sisters' brought the house down.

    So Professional!

    Review by Jackie Goodwin - Teacher
    Hi What can I say.....we have just put on Panto Pandemonium at Acton Primary school and we have had such fun!! It was as if the characters were written for our "lively" year 4 class! I cannot believe that such young children could be SO professional! Seeing the children perform, sing etc. has brought tears to my eyes I am so proud of them! If only Ofsted could see what some of these children did!!!!!! One little girl has always been so quiet and shy and watching her come alive as Magnolia made my job the best job in the world, her family were so proud of her. Everyone who came to see it said it was the best thing we had done! Thank you so much!

    Fantastic Production.

    Review by Gail Brown - Teacher, York
    Hi there - Just wanted to catch up after our fantastic production of Panto Pandemonium at our Primary School. I have been involved in school productions for many years and the parents and staff all felt this was the best one they had seen. Thanks for a fab script and cd (for those non piano players amongst us) I would thoroughly recommend the production for primary schools - we had 102 children involved from y3-6!

    So Many Compliments.

    Review by Julie Henry - Teacher, Telford
    Just to let you know, we performed yesterday and brought the house down!! It was fantastic and we had so many compliments from parents. Thanks very much.

    Brilliant Characters.

    Review by Hayley - Pupil, Salford
    I think that Panto Pandemonium was a fantastic production because it had brilliant characters, fantastic dialogue and lovely songs and music.


    Review by Mary Power-cooney - Poetry 'n Motion Drama Group, Ireland
    Just a note of appreciation for two fabulous musicals. We had a double bill of 'Panto Pandemonium' and 'Bully!' and I have to say the feedback from the audience was unbelievable. I have been working with children staging plays for a number of years. I'm really feeling this year's performance will be hard to beat. Best of all is the enthusiasm of the performers already asking "What play are we doing next year?" and this worries me 'cos I'm not sure there's anything else out there that will allow us reach the high standards we attained this year - all thanks to these two wonderfully thought out plays.

    Great Time.

    Review by Diane Kingsland - Teacher
    We had a great time and here are some of the quotes - 'Great distraction from normality' from one of the teachers. 'You were fantastic' and 'When are you doing another one' from two 7 year olds. Thanks - can't wait to perform and direct another.

    Best ever!

    Review by Stephanie Arsoska - Director, Angus, Scotland
    The show was a great success , lots of parents saying it was the best the school had ever done.

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