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    NOT Such A Silent Night

    A sweet Christmas musical with Nativity elements. With appealing songs that are particularly simple to learn, and a straightforward, well-paced script, 'Not Such A Silent Night' will keep all the children engaged throughout. Ideally suited to Key Stage 1.

    It's anything but a 'silent night' in Bethlehem!  All the animals in the stable make such a racket that they frighten away little Larry Lamb.  Lost and all alone, Larry meets a donkey, a camel and a sheepdog, but none of them can help him to find his way home.  'You should have stayed with your Mum', they say.  At last, an angel guides Larry home, where he is reunited with his mother, along with a special arrival: baby Jesus!  Everyone celebrates noisily, and once again it’s NOT such a 'silent night'!

    "'NOT Such A Silent Night' is very sweet! It has a lovely "feel good" factor appropriate for little children and their parents."  ~  Rebecca Robinson, Drama & Literacy Co-ordinator, Willingdon.

    Click here to listen to the COMPLETE songs on our 'Starshine Singers' YouTube channel.

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    Author: Nick Perrin
    Age guide: 5 to 8
    Running time: 25 mins - perf. licence required
    No. of songs: 7
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    Good Mix Of Gentle And Fun Songs

    Review by Julia Hyde - Class Teacher, East Sussex
    There is a good mix of gentle and fun songs, they were easy to learn and the children loved them. The lost lamb theme was very popular.

    Lively Songs

    Review by Matt Andrews - Teacher, Hailsham
    The lively songs struck a great balance between enthusing the children and being wonderfully easy to learn, therefore, the pupils had lots of fun and didn't get bored during rehearsals.

    Songs Were Very Popular

    Review by Sally Shewry - Class Teacher, Hastings
    The children really enjoyed participating in 'NOT Such A Silent Night' and the songs were very popular. They loved telling Larry Lamb that he "should have stayed with his mummy"!

    Very Effective And Enjoyable

    Review by Libbie Noakes Teacher, Hampshire
    Very effective and enjoyable, but very simple to learn and direct. The children engaged with the songs from day one and parents reported much singing in the back of cars!’

    Easy To Direct

    Review by Kerensa Porter - Music Subject Leader, Hailsham, Sussex
    'NOT Such A Silent Night' is easy to direct with humour the children could understand, songs that were thoroughly enjoyed and a simple story they loved.

    Very Sweet

    Review by Rebecca Robinson - Drama And Literacy Co-ordinator, Willingdon
    'NOT Such A Silent Night' is very sweet has a lovely "feel good" factor appropriate for little children and their parents.

    Clear And Simple

    Review by Wendy Lee Teacher, Manchester
    The Nativity story was clear and simple and the songs were easy to learn.