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    Move It!

    At the heart of this innovative streetdance musical for KS2-3 is the story of one boy's journey out of angry isolation into acceptance and reconciliation. 'Move It!' is totally current, but explores timeless themes: cruelty and kindness, success and failure, commitment and new beginnings. A dynamic, unforgettable experience for all involved. This stunning show offers something completely fresh and empowering for young people to perform.

    Two dance crews, Hypnotiks and Blaze, are competing for a place in a regional contest. The story centres on angry outsider Sam, who - after a major row with his overbearing sister Nicole - is drawn into 'Hypnotiks' as an understudy, putting him in direct competition with Nicole, who is the leader of Blaze!  

    For the first time in his life, Sam finds acceptance and affirmation, but still has to learn to be a team player - despite heavy provocation from his sister. Sam manages to rise above Nicole's taunts to take on a key role in the fund-raising efforts for 'Hypnotiks' new T-shirts. Not only does he keep a lid on his resentment, it's also Sam who steps up to save the day when disaster strikes for Nicole and her group at the dance contest!

    "A fantastic mix of singing dancing and drama – and an excellent learning experience for the children. We have no dance specialist, so all the dances were done using the dance cards. Even children who have lacked in confidence have been singing and dancing like crazy. Parents, staff and other children were blown away by the show!"  ~  R Hussain, Teacher, Aberdeen.  

    Click here to listen to the COMPLETE songs on our 'Starshine Singers' YouTube channel.

    NEWDigital Download Pack – includes all book contents, MP3 sound files and extras.
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     This show has proved a huge success even in schools where there is no dance specialist or track record of including a dance element in shows.  Using the dance cards (included in the pack, see below) it's easy to put together dance routines, which can be created by a complete novice - and even by the children themselves! The dance cards illustrate 32 street dance moves. Also available FREE (print off from the 'Cast' tab below) are choreography sheets for the main dances.

    Move It! musical junior dance leavers show ks2

    Author: Richard Neil Ruth Kenward
    Age guide: 8 to 12+
    Running time: 55 mins - perf. licence required
    No. of songs: 9 + dances
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    Review by Rebecca Taylor - Class Teacher, St. Mary's Primary School, Sabden. This musical was a real hit with both parents and children. It’s modern, trendy and really appealed to the children. They loved the dancing (choreographing many of the routines themselves) and the singing was fantastic with modern and ‘cool’ songs. This musical got many children singing and dancing who wouldn’t have done so 12 months ago. The musical has a fantastic message within it that really relates to children. The props and costumes are minimal which is an added bonus. I happened to stumble on this website when looking for ideas for this year's production and I’m so glad I did. I have no idea how to top it next year!!


    Review by Natalie Wickham - Performing Arts Teacher, Victoria, Australia.
    Rehearsals - We are LOVING the songs so far and my students are SO EXCITED to be doing Hip-hop dancing and a dance battle this time!! The Show - We ended up having 14 student choreographers – it was amazing! The choreography cards were easy to follow and an excellent resource. I was really pleased with how the students responded to the play and it was really appropriate for 10 and 11-year-olds!

    Loved it!

    Review by Sheila C-Hyett - Director, Harlequin Youth Theatre
    Our theatre group loved the show. We even had the OAP characters in the script dancing!

    Unforgettable songs

    Review by Pupils - Primary School, E Sussex
    The scripts were really clear and easy to remember ...the lyrics rhymed with the beat really well and the songs were unforgettable - we couldn't get the tunes out of our heads...the show was amazing. - Harvey, Joseph, Henry, Harry and Lewis. I really enjoyed making the play come to life, I thoroughly enjoyed it - Anna. Move It! was really good! There were lots of acting roles so a lot of people were happy. The songs were very catchy and the lyrics were well thought through...it was a very good musical.- Anne


    Review by Jacqueline GG - Head of Arts, Kennedy School, Hong Kong
    We performed 'Move It!' in June. Like other Starshine musicals we have performed it is outstanding!

    Loved the dance elements.

    Review by Paula Loxton - Teacher
    I did your 'Move It!' production this summer with our year 6 leavers. It was the best leavers' show we have done, the story was easy to follow and we loved the dance elements.

    Perfect end of year show.

    Review by Jim Thomson - Volunteer 'Director' - Balfron Primary School
    "Move It!" is just the perfect end of year Primary show. It's mixture of songs, dance and script kept the classes focussed and the result was entertaining and dynamic. The pack has everything you need. Although the dance cards make suggestions (literally) step by step, we had the bonus of class teachers who were keen on the dance element and that really MADE the show.

    Brilliant mixture of dance, song and drama.

    Review by Teach Primary Magazine
    The musical is a very well-written contemporary story and has an obvious street feel... words, music and stage directions are all meshed together superbly... the songs are all demonstrated by a talented group of children to a very high standard. 'Move It!' is a brilliant mixture of dance, song and drama - all rolled into one professional package which will make an impact on performers and audience alike. The finale, in which the rival troupes join together to form a single, stronger team, is a fine way to end a play that explores a range of passions and feelings. A resource that is worth its weight in gold.

    Blown away by the show!

    Review by Rucksana Hussain Teacher, Aberdeen
    A fantastic mix of singing dancing and drama – and an excellent learning experience for the children. We have no dance specialist, so all the dances were done using the dance cards. Even children who have lacked in confidence have been singing and dancing like crazy. Parents, staff and other children were blown away by the show!


    Review by Louise Honisett Teacher, Eastbourne, E Sussex
    The children loved everything about this show. The music is inspiring and the script feels very current and relevant, so they were totally engaged and enthusiastic from the word go! Although I’m not a dance specialist myself, the children found it really easy to create their own routines using the dance cards, which are a brilliant resource in their own right. Schools will have a great time putting on ‘Move It!’


    Review by Pippa Laker - Teacher, Pevensey, E. Sussex.
    The show was easy to put on because the focus was on the pupils, rather than on props, set and costumes. The music was really strong, with toe-tapping catchy tunes that gave everyone such a buzz – and the visual impact of the children dancing in unison was really exhilarating! The children particularly enjoyed putting on the show as they were such a streetwise year group, and we found it helpful from a PSHE point of view – especially in the areas of resolving conflict and second chances. Altogether, ’Move It!’ was an inspiration at the end of a long year!


    Review by Jim Thomson Did MOVE IT! as a volunteer visitor with Balfron Primary (Stirlingshire), and it is the ideal end of Primary show. Not only does it have great music, relevant story and lots of action, but it would be hard to find a musical that can get boys of that age involved in dance like this one does.