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    An adorable little musical about a caterpillar who wishes she could be a butterfly.  She tries fluttering her legs, but that just makes the animals laugh. ‘You’ll never be a butterfly,’ they say. ‘You’ve got no wings!’  Trying to be kind, they suggest that perhaps she’s a ‘flutterpillar’, although of course there is no such thing. 

    Wanting a better view of the butterflies, Flutterpillar climbs up into a bush. As she hides among the leaves to keep safe, something magical happens!  Her caterpillar skin starts to shed and a chrysalis begins to form.  Safe within her chrysalis, Flutterpillar has a good rest. When it’s time for her to wake up, she has turned into a butterfly!  Her dream has come true.

    ‘Flutterpillar’ is ideal as part of a minibeast topic, as it’s a great way to teach the life cycle of a butterfly.

    Click here to listen to the COMPLETE songs on our 'Starshine Singers' YouTube channel.

    Flutterpillar - Starshine Music

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    Author: Sarah Baker
    Age guide: 6-8
    Running time: 20 minutes
    No. of songs: 5
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    Definitely recommended

    ‘I would definitely recommend ‘Flutterpillar’ to other schools. The songs were pitched just right in terms of some being fairly easy to pick up and some more of a challenge to learn - the end result being that the children never got bored of singing them.’ – Helen Phipps (Birmingham Music Services)

    Reinforces the curriculum

    ‘The pupils performing the show enjoyed it greatly, especially singing the songs, which they learn quite quickly and sang with enthusiasm. The songs have great tunes and lyrics and a non-specialist teacher could teach them fairly easily. The fact that the show reinforces the curriculum is a bonus.’ – Kathy Sewell, Music Subject Leader, Eastbourne

    Fantastic songs

    ‘Fantastic songs that are easy to learn, simple plot that the children can understand, simple script - and just the right length. It helps consolidate learning (re the science curriculum content) and the audience found it cute.’ - Jade Thomas, Class teacher, Birmingham ‘Flutterpillar’ is lovely as part of a minibeast topic, with its cross-curricular links between science, art and music. The children loved the story and the audience really enjoyed the show.’ – Aynsley Powell, class teacher, Handsworth ‘The children really enjoyed putting on ‘Flutterpillar’ particularly because they enjoyed the songs so much. The experience was exciting and fun for them, and the parents loved it too!’ - Helen Bridgeman, Y1 lead teacher, Birmingham

    Suits all abilities

    ‘Such a lovely way to teach the life cycle of a butterfly. The songs are very catchy and easy to learn and the dialogue is simple too. The flow and rhythm through the show made it very easy to move through and adapt to suit the abilities of the children, all of whom enjoyed performing - with whole class participation!’ - Alison Bendall, music subject leader, East Sussex

    Bright and vibrant

    ‘Flutterpillar’ is short, accessible, easy to set and costume, and there are limited props – which makes for low stress! It’s easy to understand, with appropriate dialogue and catchy songs. We were able to create a very bright and vibrant performance, and lots of parents commented on how good it was. A very good show for this age group.’ – Becky Gee, teacher, Gloucester.