Director's Packs - Musicals, Songbooks & Cantatas 

These have everything you need to stage a successful show/presentation and can be purchased as hard copy or as download files.

Director's Book contains:

  • Script (musicals), narrations (cantatas), piano-vocal score and lyrics, director’s overview, cast list, synopsis, notes and helpful staging suggestions. All clearly laid out and easy to use. Audio track nos. listed and matched with score.  Most scores include guitar chords.  

Enhanced CD contains:

  • Audio: complete vocal demonstrations by children for children, and instrumental backing tracks for performance purposes, with clear melody line cues. 
  • Printable materials (registered to the purchaser for printing and copying purposes): Pupil Script, Lyric Sheets and Programme Template. 
  • Extras: most products include e.g. crossword puzzles, word searches and colouring sheets, but these can in any case be downloaded via the 'Freebies' tab next to the 'Look Inside' on the web page. 

Download Pack:

  • Download files are .zip format and contain all the contents of the Director's Pack, as outlined above.

Instant Performing Licence (IPL) - add on

An Instant Performing Licence is the most economical way to ensure that your performances in a particular calendar year are licensed.  However:

  • An IPL may only be purchased at the time of buying a Director's Pack
  • An IPL is only applicable to performances where there is either a) no entry charge or b) the maximum charge/voluntary contribution is less than £1.50 per seat.
  • An IPL allows any number of performances within 12 months of the product purchase date
  • When purchasing an IPL there is no need to complete the performing licence application form, as a pop-up IPL add-on order button will appear when you order a Director's Pack.
  • An IPL won't apply (and therefore you'll need to request your performing licence via the order form on the product web page) if:
    a) the average ticket/contribution price is £1.50 or more or
    b) you bought a Director's Pack without a licence or
    c) you are performing the show in a subsequent calendar year.

PowerPoint Presentations (PPP) - add on

These have lyrics clearly laid out for use with data projectors, PCs, Macs and interactive whiteboards, with quick links to each song. Available for all our songbooks, cantatas and children's musicals once the product has been purchased.  PowerPoints are FREE to schools/organisations that have a CCLI licence (i.e. all state schools in the United Kingdom) on condition that you provide your URN and report your use of the songs on the CCLI website. (If you don't have a CCLI account, the PowerPoint cost is £10.00 per product.)  Either way, just email with your CCLI no. or request a £10.00 purchase invoice and the PPP will be emailed to you.  More information about PowerPoint Presentations HERE.