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    Christmas Recipe

    'Christmas Recipe' imagines all the ingredients that go to make a wonderful Christmas being mixed together in a bowl! With this unique concept and a host of colourful 'ingredients' (robins, presents, snow, Father Christmas, and much more) this little musical offers the opportunity to create a very special Christmas performance.  

    Cook (assisted by Cat and Dog) sets about creating the ultimate Christmas recipe. There are plenty of ingredients to stir in: a pinch of presents, a hint of angels, a few robins, several snowflakes and even Father Christmas!

    All these ingredients are stirred into the mix one by one, until there is just one vital ingredient left to add: the baby in the manger!  Finally they have it: the recipe for a perfect Christmas.

    "Absoloutely marvellous nativity play. The children enjoyed all the songs and dances. The script was easy to learn and the meaning of Christmas was sent to everyone's heart. We will remember the ingredients and prepare this recipe every year and will always remember
    the vital ingredient - a gift called love. Thank you for the best play ever." ~ M Vorka,Teacher

    Click here to listen to the COMPLETE songs on our 'Starshine Singers' YouTube channel.

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    Author: Peter Fardell
    Age guide: 5 to 8
    Running time: 30 mins - perf. licence required
    No. of songs: 8
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    Loved it!

    Review by Sarah Holmes - Parent
    Just wanted to drop you a note as my daughter's school did "A Christmas Recipe" this week for parents and I really loved it! The kids clearly enjoyed delivering it and my daughter's been singing the songs ever since! And I found it so poignant - the meaning that was drawn out. Thank you

    Absolutely marvellous,

    Review by Maria Vorka - teacher
    Absoloutely marvellous nativity play.The children enjoyed all the songs and dances.The script was easy to learn and the meaning of Christmas was sent to everyone's heart.We will remember the ingredients and prepare this recipe every year and will always remember the vital ingriedient a gift called love .Thank you for the best play ever.


    Review by Christine Sawers - Teacher, Edinburgh
    Our school performed the Christmas Recipe nativity. It was superb, the music was fantastic and the children loved singing all the songs. We adapted the parts and had 6 cooks,6 dogs and 6 cats. 160 children took part in the performance all dressed to perform their song. My class were the presents and their costumes consisted of a pillow case, coloured foil to look like wrapping paper and a headband of a tree so they were the presents under the tree. The feedback from families has been lovely.


    Review by Susan Black - School Administrator, Aberdeenshire
    We have a small school with only 8 pupils and performed The Christmas Recipe as a puppet show with the children 'popping up' to sing the songs. The tunes are catchy and easy to learn. Everyone said how much they enjoyed this nativity.


    Review by Ks1 Coordinator/reception Teacher - Bucks
    Easy, fun songs which the children loved learning. Used with 80 children and thoroughly enjoyed by all parents - it's going to be hard to follow!

    Great Variety.

    Review by Laura Dray - Teacher, East Sussex
    Catchy songs and great variety. Christmas Recipe is exciting, enjoyable and imaginative. A magical twist to the nativity story.

    Lively And Punchy.

    Review by Revd Jonathan Martin - Dorset
    Of over 100 nativity events I have seen or participated in, this was the best so far. I thought the dramatic involvement was just right for this age of children; the songs were lively and punchy; the story incorporated beautifully the mythology of Christmas yet also took us to the climax of the Christmas story as we heard from snowflakes, shepherds, Mary and Joseph and then Jesus. This was definetly a spiritually uplifting occasion which, in the midst of the busy Christmas period, reminded me forcefully of the Christian message.

    Mix Absolutely Right!

    Review by Ann Larcombe - Head Teacher, Portsmouth
    My school has just performed the 'Christmas Recipe'. We are an infant school with a nursery and a specialism for hearing impaired children. I am writing to say how much the children enjoyed learning the songs and performing, and how much the parents enjoyed the performance. Peter Fardell has got the mix absolutely right between Christmas songs and those which are destined to become carols of the future. To see our signing choir perform the song about the gift being wrapped up small in a manger brought tears to everyone's eyes. Thank you once again.

    Tracey Clarke - Deputy Head Teacher, Cornwall

    Review by Excellent Songs.
    This show has excellent songs and the script has lots of humour but it stays true to the Christmas story - it has 'laugh out loud' moments but keeps the sentiment and poignacy of a traditional children's Nativity production. The parents absolutely loved it.


    Review by Anne Spencer - Teacher, East Sussex.
    It is a good show to involve all the children, with easy props and costumes and songs that are easy to teach and enjoyable to learn and sing.

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