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    A Tale Of Two Birthdays

    'A Tale Of Two Birthdays' is a show with lots of character (and plenty of characters!) that is very simple to produce. There are lots of opportunities for different children to shine, and the songs are exceptionally easy to teach, with lively actions provided.  There are even a couple of choreographed dances to try. Great fun!

    Old King Casper is celebrating his birthday in fine style with his friends, King Melchior and King Balthazar. Their bossy wives admire an unusual star, sparkling like a diamond in the sky, and demand their husbands go and find it.

    Trudging across the desert, the three kings resist temptations offered by Herod's unruly soldiers and encounter some sand dancers before reaching a starlit stable. Time to celebrate another birthday!

    "Have just finished our final performance of a 'Tale of Two Birthdays', and just wanted to let you know that it was a huge hit with our parents and school friends. The children had such fun and enjoyed every minute of it. They even want the music played at our Christmas party rather than 'Now 59'!" ~ Jennie Maybury, Teacher, Somerset. 

    Click here to listen to the COMPLETE songs on our 'Starshine Singers' YouTube channel 

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    Author: Judy Lown
    Age guide: 5 to 8
    Running time: 25 mins - perf. licence required
    No. of songs: 6
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    Lively, colourful and fun!

    Review by A.Finch - Teacher, Essex, England
    Lively, colourful and fun. We would highly recommend 'A Tale of Two Birthdays'. The songs are catchy and easy to learn and the script includes lots of humour. A great success for our Year One classes!

    Just Incredible.

    Review by Nichola Holt - Teacher, Buckinghamshire.
    'A Tale Of Two Birthdays', performed by our KS1 children, was just incredible! Great fun - the parents had never seen anything like it!

    Lovely Production.

    Review by Teaching Staff - Douglas, Isle Of Man
    This was a lovely production for our KS1 pupils to do. The children enjoyed performing it and had fun while telling the true Christmas story. The audience were thoroughly entertained throughout.


    Review by Jane Florey - Head Teacher, Kent
    The children were so inspired by their performance they wanted to carry on performing long after Christmas!

    Went Down A Storm.

    Review by Jennie Maybury - Teacher, Somerset
    Have just finished our final performance of a 'Tale of Two Birthdays', and just wanted to let you know that it with our parents and school friends. The children had such fun and enjoyed every minute of it. They even want the music played at our Christmas party rather than 'Now 59'!

    Upbeat Music.

    Review by L. Robertson - Teacher, Perthshire, Scotland
    We enjoyed the upbeat music and humour, and the different slant on the traditional story.


    Review by Terri Ridley - Teacher, East Sussex
    Everyone enjoyed 'A Tale Of Two Birthdays'. The songs and dances were wonderful and the children really enjoyed participating.

    Usual Starshine High Standard!

    Review by Karen El Falaki - International School Teacher, Berlin.
    This show is easy to stage, and we found it could be produced to performance standard in a relatively short time. The music is wonderful, the story is easy to follow, well structured and entertaining. All in all I would highly recommend this musical to others as it is so charming.

    Really Impressed.

    Review by Charlotte Greenaway - Reception Teacher, Cornwall
    Just wanted to say thank you for sending out 'A Tale of Two Birthdays' and the 'Come on Christmas' packs. I was really impressed with them both. I co-ordinate the infant Christmas play at my school and have found it hard this year to find a play which will accommodate 180 children and is so true to the Christmas story. Then I saw your advert in Child Education! It was great to listen to the songs online. The Director's Pack is brilliant and you have even given me the routines to go with the dances - fantastic. I have enjoyed listening to the super songs and love the last song 'Miracle Child'. Last year I had to combine two plays and write extra parts and songs and it was a lot of work. This year is going to be so easy as you have done it all for me! Thank you.

    New Perspective.

    Review by Sarah Storvick - Sunday School Teacher, Woodbury, Mn, Usa
    This new perspective on the Christmas story was welcome. The boys loved the soldier parts and the humour. The dance segments added a lot to our program's audience appeal as well. The music was easy to teach and the number of songs was just right.

    Wonderful Nativity Musical.

    Review by Paulette Heath - School Administrator, London
    Thank you for your wonderful nativity musical, 'A Tale Of Two Birthdays'. The children, staff and parents all thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Great Christmas Musical.

    Review by Hilary Morton - Teacher, Ks1 Manager, East Sussex.
    Many thanks for your great Christmas Musical. I really enjoyed 'doing it' with our KS1 and Foundation stage children - what's more, they thoroughly enjoyed it too.

    Very Appropriate.

    Review by Sarah Ginns - Year 2 Teacher, East Sussex
    The story is very appropriate for this age group, and the children really enjoyed the humour and the songs. Very good all round.

    Staff And Pupils At Ham Dingle Primary School In The West Midlands

    Review by Such A Good Story.
    We are writing to tell you how much we enjoyed performing 'A Tale Of Two Birthdays' It was such a good story with a really clear message about the importance of the birth of Jesus. Our parents excelled themselves in making costumes and the children thoroughly enjoyed the dances and songs. Our favourite song was definitely 'Miracle Child'. Wishing you all a Happy Christmas and a prosperous year.