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Want children to practise songs at home?  

All songs from our musicals and songbooks are on our YouTube Music Channel - Starshine Singers. 

(Select 'show all albums' or use the direct link on each of our product pages. FREE service). 

They can also be listened to on Apple Music and Spotify.

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Our Songs and Scripts

Starshine Music songs & scripts are written with ease of teaching and learning in mind, supporting children towards the best possible performance.

Our Part-Songs

Starshine Music part songs are, we believe, among the best available for young choirs, with easy-to-learn harmony and counterpoint. The 'Song Categories' and 'Choirs' filters will show you what is available.

Our Shows

Starshine Music shows range from wacky panto, through lively versions of classic tales, to relevant, up-to-date drama on issues close to children's hearts.

Our Range

Whether you are looking for something really memorable for children to sing at Easter, Harvest or Christmas, an adorable nativity play, a ready-to-go primary school assembly, music with literacy/curriculum links - or a stunning leavers' show - we hope you'll find plenty to choose from here!