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    Age Range

    All 3 to 5 5 to 7 7 to 11
    A 'What If' Monster
    5 to 7

    A 'What If' Monster

    A 'What If' Monster  by Ruth Kenward & Richard Neil - 5 to 9 yrs  (1m 54s)

    Theme – anxiety, worry, confidence, strength

    Content - Anxiety is imagined as a ‘what if’ monster, confidence is a ‘what if’ buddy. The ‘what if’ monster puts doubt in our minds, and needs to be replaced with the ‘what if’ buddy of confidence that inspires us to have a go in life.  Confidence can be gained by going to people we trust for support and encouragement.  This unusual and quirky song is a brilliant tool to help young children understand anxiety – and they love shouting at the ‘what if’ monster to go away!  Excellent for PSHE.

    Lyric Sample

    A ‘what if’ monster is whispering in my ear,
    A ‘what if’ monster I don’t want to hear!
    ‘What if this?’ he goes, ‘What if that?’
    ‘What if you trip and you fall down flat?’

    ‘What if’ monster, go away!
    I’m not listening! Go away!
    ‘What if’ monster, hear me say:
    (shouted) I’m not listening today!

    A ‘what if’ buddy is whispering in my ear,
    A ‘what if’ buddy I DO want to hear!
    ‘What if everything turns out fine?
    What if you try and you just might shine?’


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