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    • Bumper Harvest
      Bumper Harvest
      Bumper Harvest

      Bumper Harvest

      ‘Bumper Harvest’ is a set of three mini-musicals based on classic tales: 'The Little Red Hen', 'The Enormous Turnip' and 'The Gingerbread Man', all brilliantly adapted for use as Harvest presentations, but equally suitable for other times of the year, e.g. as part of a literacy project, World Book Day, etc. 

      The mini-musicals may be performed independently (approx 15 mins. each), or linked together to make a ‘bumper’ show, ideal if you want to involve more than one class.

      Included in the ‘Bumper Harvest’ pack:
      •  Three mini-musicals with linking script, plus director’s notes and overview
      •  2 CDs, containing 18 songs, including three generic Harvest songs and a Harvest round 
      •  A Harvest dance
      •  Read-aloud stories
      •  Colouring sheets
      •  Three recipes 
      •  Photocopiable pupil script, lyrics and programme template

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    • Harvest Hope
      Harvest Hope
      Harvest Hope

      Harvest Hope

      Entertaining and yet poignant, this simple 20-minute presentation contrasts our plentiful harvest with the plight of children in the third world. 'Harvest Hope' is a thought-provoking piece that's very appropriate the age group, helping them to begin working out their place in the world. The enhanced CD contains a slideshow presentation featuring images of children in Africa, Burma and India, which can be used to powerful effect during performance.

      (An ASSEMBLY PERFORMING LICENCE is included, but please apply below in the normal way if you plan to invite parents and members of the public.)

      Jack and his friends are at the local Harvest Fair where Jack is unable to resist eating things from the Harvest Table! Most of the children realise how lucky they are to have so much, when others in the world are not so fortunate. By contrast, Jack is more interested in feeding his own stomach and listening to the comedians. Eventually, after some persuading, he's ready to suggest how they might help others to help themselves.

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