• Licensing our Musicals & Songs for 'home' use,
    Digital Downloads and Performances during Covid 19 restrictions.

    To help schools in their creative ways of delivering a music curriculum in general and 'performances' in particular during Covid restrictions, our performing licences will cover the use of :-

    • Secure live streaming and/or recorded performances on the school's own website.
    • Secure live streaming and/or recorded performances via Zoom or similar platforms.
    • Video and/or sound recordings made at school for home use.

    If you have already ordered/purchased a performing licence for the product(s) you are using, then you are covered. If not, please order/purchase a performing licence which will cover home use and delivery via digital recordings or platforms.  Use the order form on the relevant product page. When calculating the price for audience size, please use the formula - number of children involved x 2. There is no need to to complete ticket price or performance date, unless you are actually able to present a live performance to a live audience!

    Starshine Singers - YouTube Music Channel

    Our songs are now available for children to listen to free (and practice) at home, on our Youtube Music Channel - Starshine Singers. Either select show all albums and scroll down the list for your particular album or use the direct link on each of our product pages to go to your chosen individual album. (Please note that an occasional advert may pop up. These ads are NOT controlled by Starshine Music, but are probably generated via an AI algorithm and content is generally related to the user's computer's previous browsing history.)

    Please note that if you are sending copies of lyrics home with children, please record the songs used on your school's on-line CCL report form. (Free for the vast majority of UK schools). More details can be found at https://www.starshine.co.uk/powerpoint-presentations-lyrics.

    There is a reduced licence fee if you are just using a selection of our songs from our musicals. Please telephone the Starshine office on 01323 508881 for a quote and/or ordering.

    If you require any further information please email - office@starshine.co.uk 

    For NON-UK customers - Digital Downloads

    To order a digital download -
    1 - Email office@starshine.co.uk stating 'Please send me the digital version of the order I am placing for _____________ School/Organisation'.
    2 - Place the order on the product page order form* and pay via credit card or Paypal. 
    3 - Once payment is confirmed you will will receive the product files via 'WeTransfer' with a link for your download which you need to activate within 5 days. Please email office@starshine.co.uk if you need further information or you encounter any problems.

    * You may wish to order the performing licence nearer the time of your performance(s). In which case simply use the order form on the product page and pay by CC or PayPal.