Move It!

Author: Ruth Kenward, Richard Neil

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8 -12+yrs   approx 55 mins   9 songs plus dance music

Vibrant and right on the children’s wavelength, this streetdance-based musical was a huge hit with pilot schools - NONE of whom had dance specialists! (Dance cards & choreography provided; see below)
As two dance crews prepare for an upcoming contest, angry outsider Sam wars against one of the dancers - his overbearing older sister.  It's the story of Sam's journey into acceptance and reconciliation that forms the heart of this stunning end of year show for KS2-3. 

remi    move it dance cards

The pack of 32 A6 dance cards (included in the pack) illustrate 32 street dance moves. You can purchase extra packs HERE.

There are also FREE choreography sheets for the main dances - click on the Cast tab below.

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This innovative, dance-orientated musical offers something completely fresh and empowering for young people to perform, and makes an ideal show for Y6 leavers in particular.  While the show is truly contemporary, it also explores timeless themes: isolation and acceptance, cruelty and kindness, success and failure, commitment and new beginnings.

Two dance crews, Hypnotiks and Blaze, are competing for a place in a regional contest.   Blaze always win everything, and Hypnotiks have a particular problem with one of their group who keeps letting them down. The leader of Blaze - Nicole - has a troublesome younger brother called Sam, who she is very quick to criticise.  Because Sam is constantly undermined by Nicole, he is angry and aggressive, and has recently been excluded from school after a fight.  Then - by chance - Sam ends up being the solution to Hypnotiks’ problems when his natural talent for street dance is discovered.  However, this puts him in direct competition with Nicole! In a surprising turn of events, Sam is the one who saves the day when there is a disaster for Nicole and Blaze at the dance-off.

A vibrant and totally engaging show for this age group.

‘A fantastic mix of singing dancing and drama – and an excellent learning experience for the children. We have no dance specialist, so all the dances were done using the dance cards. Even children who have lacked in confidence have been singing and dancing like crazy… Parents, staff and other children were blown away by the show!’  Rucksana Hussain – Teacher, Aberdeen

Comments about the forthcoming performance of 'Move It!' from pupils in Clapham and Pacthing C of E Primary School.

'It was really fun doing this production and I think it is funny that Mr P is the dance teacher!- Jessie; I had so much fun doing rehearsal and I am looking forward to doing the show - Lucia; - I have really enjoyed the making of 'Move It!' It was great fun learning the dances and listening to people learning their lines - Rosie; - I really enjoyed this play.  It was the highlight of my school year! - Neueland; - I absolutely loved everything about this play.  All I can say is thank you Miss Jones. - Asha; I loved everything about this play and being Mitch.  I hope everything goes well in the performance. Fingers crossed! - Grace; I loved being Naz and being in the Hypnotics gang. - Florence; I enjoyed the play and was very happy all the way through the rehearsal. - Poppy


Perfect end of year show. Review by Jim Thomson - Volunteer 'Director' - Balfron Primary School

"Move It!" is just the perfect end of year Primary show. It's mixture of songs, dance and script kept the classes focussed and the result was entertaining and dynamic. The pack has everything you need. Although the dance cards make suggestions (literally) step by step, we had the bonus of class teachers who were keen on the dance element and that really MADE the show.

Brilliant mixture of dance, song and drama. Review by Teach Primary Magazine

The musical is a very well-written contemporary story and has an obvious street feel... words, music and stage directions are all meshed together superbly... the songs are all demonstrated by a talented group of children to a very high standard.
'Move It!' is a brilliant mixture of dance, song and drama - all rolled into one professional package which will make an impact on performers and audience alike.
The finale, in which the rival troupes join together to form a single, stronger team, is a fine way to end a play that explores a range of passions and feelings.
A resource that is worth its weight in gold.

Blown away by the show! Review by Rucksana Hussain – Teacher, Aberdeen

A fantastic mix of singing dancing and drama – and an excellent learning experience for the children. We have no dance specialist, so all the dances were done using the dance cards. Even children who have lacked in confidence have been singing and dancing like crazy. Parents, staff and other children were blown away by the show!

Inspiring. Review by Louise Honisett – Teacher, Eastbourne, E Sussex

The children loved everything about this show. The music is inspiring and the script feels very current and relevant, so they were totally engaged and enthusiastic from the word go! Although I’m not a dance specialist myself, the children found it really easy to create their own routines using the dance cards, which are a brilliant resource in their own right. Schools will have a great time putting on ‘Move It!’

Exhilerating Review by Pippa Laker – Teacher, Pevensey, E. Sussex.

The show was easy to put on because the focus was on the pupils, rather than on props, set and costumes. The music was really strong, with toe-tapping catchy tunes that gave everyone such a buzz – and the visual impact of the children dancing in unison was really exhilarating! The children particularly enjoyed putting on the show as they were such a streetwise year group, and we found it helpful from a PSHE point of view – especially in the areas of resolving conflict and second chances. Altogether, ’Move It!’ was an inspiration at the end of a long year!

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