Little Angel Gets Her Wings

Author: Nick Perrin

Age Range: 5,6,7

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Little Angel Gets Her Wings - Director's Pack


Little Angel Gets Her Wings - Director's Pack + IPL


Little Angel Gets Her Wings - Director's Pack + QS


Little Angel Gets Her Wings - Director's Pack + IPL + QS


Little Angel Gets Her Wings - Director's Book


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Age guide: 5-7 years    9 songs    approx 25 mins

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A charming perspective on the Nativity that has huge appeal to infants and parents alike.

Little Angel can’t go to Bethlehem with the other angels because she hasn’t got her wings yet. At first she is sad, but then - determined to see baby Jesus - she sets off on foot.  On her way, she helps a donkey, a lamb and a dove, all of whom are in difficulty.  When she gets to the stable in Bethlehem Little Angel hesitates, realising that – unlike the kings and shepherds – she has nothing to give the baby.  But Mary explains that she does have a gift – the gift of love, which is the best gift of all.  At last, because of the love she gave to others during her journey, Little Angel gets her wings!

The Read-Aloud Story allows the teacher to introduce the characters and plot very quickly.  With easy songs, as well as a choice between dramatised or narrated versions, 'Little Angel Gets Her Wings' is a delightfully simple Christmas musical for KS1 departments.

A fantastic show - easy to teach and direct with catchy, easy to learn songs. Thoroughly enjoyed by all. Karensa Porter - Music Teacher, E. Sussex

Fantastic resource Review by Laura Glover - Teacher, Portsmouth

A wonderful adaptation of the traditional nativity; we liked it as it kept all stages of the traditional story but with a moral and fun twist. The songs are great - easy to sing and lend themselves to simple but fun choreography. A fantastic resource that made the whole production a pleasure to direct!

Magical! Review by Helen Rightmyer - Fs Co-ordinator, London

The Reception class alone performed this Nativity beautifully. We all loved the songs and the script gave each character a chance in the spotlight. The whole performance had the "wow" factor.

Very Good. Review by Diana Jones - Ks 1 Co-ordinator, Sussex

The children enjoyed hearing the story prior to casting - it gave them a good overview. The show gave lots of children the opportunity to actively participate and brought out many hidden talents.Very good songs.

Fun! Review by Sue Waters - Head Teacher, Kent

Fun, easy to learn, lively, and a simple message appropriate to all children.

Cheerful And Charming. Review by Libbie Noakes - Music Co-ordinator, Andover

A lovely balance of jolly and reflective songs with a good flow, a light touch to the story and enough dialogue to enjoy. It is cheerful, charming and deceptively simple.

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