babushka story book

This beautifully illustrated
story by Sandra Horn offers
an excellent literacy resource
for children participating in
the production.

Sandra also offers writing
workshops for schools and
is happy to visit school


Author: Ruth Kenward

Age Range: 5,6,7,8,9

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Babushka - Director's Pack


Babushka - Director's Pack + IPL


Babushka - Director's Pack + QS


Babushka - Director's Pack + QS + IPL


Babushka - Director's Book


Babushka - CD


Babushka - Pupil Script P/Copy Master


Babushka - Paperback


Babushka - School Six-Pack


Performing and/or Video/Sound Recording Licence

Age guide: 5-9 years     9 songs     approx 30 mins  
Performing Licence reqd.

An absolutely charming version of the 'Babushka' story inspired by the  book by Sandra Horn.

Babushka cleans her little Russian house all day long to stop herself from noticing how lonely and sad she is. She’s so busy brushing away the spider, the mouse and the fly, that she fails to notice beautiful things going on around her: a new star shining in the sky, an angel hovering in her garden and an exciting message being spread by three mysterious kings.

In a dream, an angel sings to Babushka of a baby boy born in a manger. Horrified to think of this baby shivering in a dirty stable, she sets off with a basket full of presents and cleaning materials. On her journey she meets people in need, and by the time she reaches Bethlehem she has learnt a valuable lesson, as well as filling an empty place in her heart.


Really enjoyed the show. Review by Karen - Volunteer, children's music director. USA

The story of Babushka was a nice twist on the traditional nativity story, and taught positive lessons on it's own. We added the book to our church library, signed by all the children. The director's guide was helpful and easy to follow. Some of the dialogue was more British and we used a few substitutions for use in the US; the same with the music and voices on the CD, which was sometimes a humorous confusion for the children. Our group of 40 preschool through Jr High really enjoyed the show.

Spectacular! Review by J Felton - Yr 1 Class Teacher, Essex

We've just completed two spectacular performances of Babushka with nearly 100 children and very little rehearsal time due to 'snow days'! Both parents and children thoroughly enjoyed the production, especially the catchy songs, and I will certainly be using Starshine Music again!

Multi-cultural Flavour. Review by Kate Hodge - Teacher, Lincolnshire

This traditional story has a multi-cultural flavour and a big 'aaah' factor, as well as songs that are uplifting and memorable. It was great to be able to read the story to the children before rehearsals began.

Really Enjoyable. Review by Tracey Clarke - Deputy Head Teacher, Cornwall

It's really nice to be able to start with a story (with pictures!) to get the children interested and involved very quickly. The children keyed in fast to the parts they wanted to play! It was very quick and easy for us to present a production which we could all be proud of. We all really enjoyed it.

Very Entertaining! Review by Mahoney And Helenfadon-sinkinson - Company Directors - Lancashire Performing Arts Centre

Very good and very entertaining! The children enjoyed all the songs and we enjoyed producing the show.

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