A Wriggly Nativity

Author: Peter Fardell

Age Range: 3,4,5,6,7

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A Wriggly Nativity - Director's Pack


A Wriggly Nativity - Director's Pack + IPL


A Wriggly Nativity - Director's Pack + QS


A Wriggly Nativity - Director's Pack + IPL + QS


A Wriggly Nativity - Director's Book


Performing and/or Video/Sound Recording Licence

Age guide: 3-7 years     9 songs     approx 25 mins 
 Performing Licence reqd.
For children who just can't sit still!

'A Wriggly Nativity' tells the Christmas story almost entirely through catchy songs, actions, movement and dance. Everything is easy to learn, there is very little dialogue, and the narration between songs is brief.
The songs have actions for the whole choir, so every child is specifically required NOT to sit still while singing! ‘A Wriggly Nativity’ demands that every single child, angel or sheep, channels his or her excited energy and squirming enthusiasm into telling the nativity story!

Superb! Review by Gill Butcher - Nursey Teacher, Ipswich

We did wriggly nativity last year and it was superb. Our parents and head teacher said that it was the best nativity that we had ever done. We found the app really helpful with the children in learning the songs as they are only 3-4.

Tremendous success Review by Emma Bright - Teacher, Brighton

Just wanted you to know that "A Little Nativity" & "A Wriggly Nativity" were both a tremendous success at Westdene Primary this Christmas!! Thank you so much for writing engaging, enjoyable & stress free nativities for KS1 children - they loved it, as did all the staff & parents too!

Brilliant! Review by Helen Parsons, grandparent.

This is just so brilliant for little ones and easy to learn due to its catchy tunes. They ( and I) are singing it over and over again. Starshine have done it again!!!!

Loved it. Review by Elizabeth T, parent, Edinburgh

My daughter's school did this show and we loved it

Perfect! Review by Amethyst - Teacher, Nottingham,

Perfect for Infants, catchy tunes with a great backing track and suggested actions capture the imagination. An effective re-telling of the Nativity story. We have really enjoyed doing this and heartily recommend it.

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